Age: Early Years

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A poptastic show guaranteed to turn your little stars into superstars...

easy nursery summer leavers show play

Special Early Years version - easy to sing and stage

our very own pop stars

Let’s get ready to rock!

The day at the play group starts just like any other, but no-one can believe their eyes when a group of world-famous pop stars drop by to put on a very special show. However, things don’t go quite according to plan, and there’s only one solution – the children must leap in to help save the day! With songs to learn, costumes to find, and time running out, there’s not a moment to lose…

Full of easy-to-learn songs guaranteed to have every toe tapping, this is the ultimate feel-good show that’s perfect for any time of year.

Stand by for a poptastic spectacular like you’ve never seen!

BONUS! Includes additional Speedy Script for minimal rehearsal.
PLUS! An optional graduation ceremony with music and printable diplomas, making this the perfect leavers show.

Script samples

Specially created to be fun-packed and easy-to-stage - told with simple actions, a few lines of brief narration, and super-simple songs - perfect!

Running Time (including music): Approximately 25 minutes.

Cast: The only speaking parts are narrators, who guide the actions of the children on stage through a few simple lines of dialogue.
The number of non-speaking parts is approximately 10 - 40, and is fully flexible to suit your requirements. For further information, take a look at the cast list below.

SCRIPT: Click here

CAST LIST: Click here

SCORE: Click here

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7 SONGS, each with Click-n-Sing videos like these:






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