Primary School KS2 and Nursery play scripts sell like hot cakes at English conference

Easy Peasy Plays at Primary School English Conference
Had a fantastic day yesterday at the Entrust Primary English Conference! Our new summer plays were very popular! Hope to see you out of the road sometime soon.

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New nursery / early years leavers summer show on the way

Our Very Own Pop Stars easy school nursery summer leavers playWe're very excited about our brand new play, heading your way soon... It tells the story of a world famous pop group visiting the nursery, and is packed with easy-to-sing songs.


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School song suggestions and Happy Half-Term!

Hi all - hope you're enjoying a well-earned half-term rest!

I'm always on the lookout for new school song ideas - subject topics, life in school, friends, seasons etc. so today, I would love to ask if you have any suggestions. If you do...

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The easy way to teach songs to children


Many of you are probably now in full swing practicing Christmas and winter plays - exciting, isn't it!?  OK, it's a bit stressful, too!  

One of the most challenging things about putting on a production is teaching the songs to the children - especially if you're not particularly musical.  So, here are our top tips on the easy way to teach songs...

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Two new Christmas plays available now!

Our very own nativity easy primary school play

We're delighted to announce the arrival of our two brand new plays:

Ready, Steady, Elves! is a fun-filled adventure at Santa's Workshop.

Our Very Own Nativity is a perfect telling of the traditional story.

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New play on the way...

We have a fantastic new play, all about Santa and the Elves getting ready for Christmas, but we can't decide on a title. Which do you prefer...?

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Announcing our new website!



Easy Peasy Plays are great musical shows for primary and nursery school children

We're starting the new school year with a shiny new website, specially designed to make putting on a musical show even easier than ever - yippee!

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Sing about the Rio Olympics!

Going for gold
Today's the day - the start of the Rio Olympics! Celebrate with our FREE song - "Going For Gold". Wishing Team GB all the best of luck!

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Lincolnshire Music Hub

Lincolnshire Music Hub and easy peasy plays - primary school show, plays, musicals and songsHad a fantastic day at Lincolnshire Music Hub! :-) Thanks to all the customers who dropped by!

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New website on the way...

We have lots of exciting new stuff on the way - including a brand new website! Watch this space...

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