Teaching songs can be easy peasy!

Many of you are probably now in full swing practicing the autumn and harvest songs from you FREE Assembly Pack - exciting, isn't it!?  OK, it's a bit stressful, too!  

One of the most challenging things about putting on a production is teaching the songs to the children - especially if you're not particularly musical.  So, here are our top tips on the easy way to teach songs...

1. If you've already purchased your Easy Peasy Play, select it from the Click-n-Sing section, or from the Click-n-Sing drop-down menu on our website.

2. Choose a song, and start by playing the children the vocal version.  These are all sung by professional singers, designed to inspire the children, but be easy enough for them to copy.  You don't have to sing (unless you can't resist...!)

3. Let the children listen and enjoy the song. Don't worry about the words at this stage - our songs are very catchy, and you'll find they'll start joining in without any encouragement!

4. Pause the video at the Chorus, and read the song words to the children one line at a time, then ask them to repeat them back to you.

5. Play the video again, and this time encourage them to join in with the Chorus.  Try to keep their enthusiasm high by giving lots of encouragement and praise.  They'll be singing the main parts in no time.

6. Once they've got the Chorus, their confidence will be boosted, so you'll be able to play the video again, this time focusing on the verses.  You can move to any part of the song by clicking on the progress bar at the bottom of the video to replay any section as many times as necessary.

7. Move on to the instrumental version once they've rehearsed the vocal version a few times, but never be afraid to return to the vocal version if they're struggling - the vocal version will reassure them that they know the song better than they think, thus boosting their confidence.

8. Keep your song learning times short. Children soon get bored, and it's important to keep them enjoying the songs.  Finally, it's good to do a vocal 'warm-up' before singing, to help children focus and to prepare their voices.

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