Meet the school musicals YOU would have written


You may not know, but I have worked in nursery schools for many years teaching music.  

During this time, I was involved in countless school productions, plays and concerts - all of which were wonderful!  I would like to think one of the reasons for their success was my piano playing, but really it was down to the amazing teachers who pulled it all together - inspiring the children, directing rehearsals, dealing with the drama (from the children!) and most importantly, ensuring every child had their chance to shine.

I learnt so much working with these teachers.  I began to understand what kind of songs brought out the best in the children - what lyrics they would be able to remember, the optimum speed and range for their young voices.   I learnt what level the scripts needed to be, what humour the children would relate to, the kind of characters they would love and so much more.

It was seeing these teachers in action that inspired me to launch Easy Peasy Plays.  I wanted to provide teachers with the kind of musical play they would love to write themselves -  if only they had the time!  When you try them you will find these musicals are just that - created from the ground up to be exactly what teachers would have imagined.

Try one now for your school (and don't forget, if you don't agree that our musicals are everything I have said, you can have a full refund - see here).
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